Notifications in the Goosechase app look like this:

image of notifications screen in app

By default, the Goosechase App will send your device push notifications when:

  • One of your Experiences starts or ends.

  • You receive a bonus for one of your submissions.

  • Your team receives bonus points not connected to a submission.

  • One of your submissions is deleted by the creator.

  • You receive a direct message from the creator.

  • The creator sends an announcement to all participants.

  • New missions have been added to one of your Experiences.

  • Missions expire in one of your Experiences.

  • You unlock new missions in one of your Experiences.

  • Someone reacts to one of your submissions.

Multiple notifications sent out at the same time will be grouped together so that participants are not bombarded with them!

How to Manage Push Notifications as a Participant

As a participant, you can change the notifications on your phone by opening the Goosechase app and selecting the Gear icon in the top left-hand side of the Home Screen.

Select Notifications and turn off (or on) the preferred notifications.

image of settings page in app

How to Manage Push Notifications as the Creator

As the creator, you can change the push notification settings for all participants within the Experience Manager. To do so, select the gear icon located below your join code at the bottom of the left sidebar.

image of the settings icon in the Experience Manager

A new pop-up window with your settings will appear; select enable or disable push notifications, depending on what you would like! Once selected, click the blue "Save" button.

image of the push notifications in settings

By default, push notifications are enabled, which means that participants will receive notifications of all types listed above. Enabling notifications can help participants stay engaged with the Experience.

If push notifications are disabled, participants will not receive any notifications to their devices. Disabling notifications can be useful for Experiences where many notifications could be disruptive.

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