By default, the GooseChase App will send your device push notifications when:

  • One of your games starts or stops.

  • You receive a bonus for one of your submissions.

  • Your team receives bonus points not connected to a submission.

  • One of your submissions is deleted by the game organizer.

  • You receive a direct message from the game organizer.

  • The game organizer sends an announcement to all players.

  • New missions have been added to one of your games.

  • Missions expire in one of your games.

  • You unlock new missions in one of your games.

  • Someone reacts to one of your submissions.

Multiple notifications sent at the same time will be grouped together, so that you are not bombarded with them. You may also turn off notifications by tapping the three dots at the top right corner of the app to access the Settings menu, and accessing Push Notification Settings to turn off any or all of the notification types listed above.

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