Team Mode Experiences are great for getting your participants to collaborate and work together virtually or in person. When competing in teams, participants work together to complete Missions from the same Mission list. When one team member completes a Mission, it is completed for the entire team. The points are tallied for the entire team on the leaderboard. It is not possible to view an individual team member's points or submissions in team mode.

Solo Mode Experiences are a great way to see the individual progress of each participant, or for Experiences played virtually. When playing in Solo Mode, participants work to complete each Mission from their own Mission list. They will gain points for each Mission they complete and see their progress in the Leaderboard Tab.

To switch your Experience from Team Mode to Solo mode, head over to the Participants Tab in the Online Experience Manager and select ‘In teams’ or ‘Solo’.

image of the participant tab where you select In teams or Solo

Find more information about choosing Team or Solo Mode games here.

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