The exclamation warning symbol indicates that there's something not quite right with your Missions. This is usually due to an automation added incorrectly or the start/end time not aligning properly.

image of warning symbol on Mission tab

To see more information about these warnings, go to the Missions tab. Once there, you'll see the warning symbol on any Mission where there is an issue. Hover over the warning symbol to see more information about why the warning is there.

Redundant automation Warnings

“The Mission automation [automation name] is redundant. The Mission will already be available when it runs”

image of the expanded warning on a Mission

This means that you have Missions that are set to be available when the Experience begins, but those same Missions are part of an automation to be released at a later time. 

This is often caused by clicking ‘No, thanks’ when asked to convert the Mission to Hidden after creating the automation.

image of the convert Missions to hidden confirmation pop-up

You can fix this by changing the status of the Mission from Available to Hidden. This will hide the Mission until it is released at the scheduled time of the automation.

Change a Mission from Available to Hidden:

1 . Select edit on the Mission with the warning.

2. Expand the 'Advanced Settings'.

image of the advanced settings and drop down menu of the Mission statuses

3. Change the Mission from Available to Hidden in the drop-down menu on the right-hand side.

4. Click the blue ‘Save Changes’ button.

Time-related automation warnings

You may also see warnings that your Missions are scheduled before or after your start/end time. You may see these warning symbols on the Missions, or on your Script automations.

”The Mission automation [automation name] is set to occur before the Experience starts.”

image of the expanded Mission warning for a time warning

image of the warning symbol on the script

To fix this, either change the start/ end time of your experience, or change the release time of the automation to be within your start and end time.

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