GooseChase missions can be set to one of three states:

Available - Participants can see and complete the mission when the game is live.
Hidden - Participants can't see or complete this mission when the game is live.
Expired - Participants can see, but cannot complete this mission when the game is live.

By default, missions are automatically set to Available when created. Organizers can adjust the state of a mission at any time before, during, or after a game.

To change a mission's state:

  1. Create a new mission or edit an existing mission from the “Missions” page of your game.

  2. Towards the bottom of the mission form, expand the “Advanced Settings” button.

  3. Edit the “Available” dropdown depending on whether you’d like the submission to be Available, Hidden or Expired.

  4. Save your mission.


Once saved, any mission where you’ve changed the Mission State will be labeled with the “Hidden” or “Expired” label. From the organizer's game manager Mission List (pictured below), all missions will be visible regardless of their mission state.


From a player's GooseChase app Mission List, hidden missions will not be visible, while expired missions will be shown, but unable to be completed while the game is live. Here are the same three missions above as seen from a player's app screen:

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