When creating a Goosechase Experience, the number of Missions needed depends on the type of Missions you create and the duration of the Experience.

We always recommend having more Missions than you think participants can complete in the allotted time. That way, participants won’t run out of Missions to do, and it will help create more opportunities for them to earn points and create separation on the leaderboard.

Some questions to consider are:

  • Will your teams divide and conquer the Mission list, or will they be completing them all as a team? If teams divide and conquer, add more Missions!

  • Are your Missions close together geographically, or will players have to travel to and from them? If they are close, add more Missions!

  • Are your Missions simple and quick to complete, or will they take some effort each time? If simple, add more Missions!

Your participants will surprise you with how many Missions they can complete. Always, always have more than you think you need.

Helpful Honk: Running out of Mission ideas? Check out the Goosechase Mission Bank for pre-created Missions that are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers!

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