Within the Missions Tab in the Experience Manager, you have 3 different Mission Libraries.

image of Mission list tabs


This is your list of Missions for your Experience. Whether you create custom Missions or import them from a different library, all missions added to your Experience will be shown here. The order of these missions will determine how participants see the missions within the app. Click here to learn how to change the order of your missions [link order of missions FAQ].

2. Pre-made Missions

Within this Library tab, you have two different banks of Missions you can use to add missions to your current Experience:

1. Goosechase Bank

2. My Bank

image of Mission bank drop down

The Goosechase Bank is full of pre-created Missions that we created that can be used in your Experience with little to no editing required. These are some of our most popular Missions that are guaranteed to be crowd-pleasers!

To use any of the Missions in this bank, hover over the Mission you want to add to your Experience and select add. Once added, the Mission will be moved over to your Mission list and will no longer be shown pre-made Mission tab.

image of Mission with the add button

My Bank is where you get to create and save Missions to use in your current and future Experiences.

How to add a mission to my bank?

To add a Mission to this bank, simply select my bank from the drop-down list. Once selected, you will see the button above change to blue and say "Add a Mission to My Bank" When you click this button and create a Mission, it will automatically be added to your my bank Mission list.

image of pre-made Missions tab


This is where you can see and use your Missions from previous Experiences.

image of previous Missions tab

How do I add a Mission from a previous Experience?

Select the Experience you want to use Missions from in the select an experience dropdown menu. Either scroll through the Missions from that Experience to find the ones you want or search for a specific Mission within it using the search field.

To add a Mission to your Experience, hover over the Mission and select add. Once added to your Experience, the Mission will be moved to the Mission list and you will no longer see this Mission in the Previous Missions tab for this Experience.

Helpful Honk: If you are looking for Missions to add to your Experience, we have tons of Missions available on our Blog and in the EDU Experience library. Once added to your account, you can find them in your Previous Missions tab. For more detailed instructions on how to import Missions, click here.

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