Goosechase creators are able to invite others to make a copy of their Experience to another account. The Experience will be copied over as a draft to the new creators Experience Manager and will include all basic Info, Missions and script automations.

It will not copy over any custom branding, terms of service links, pre-created participant or team profiles, joined participants, or completed Mission submissions from the original Experience.

How to share an Experience

To share a copy, click the gear that appears on the right side of the Experience when you hover your mouse over it in the My Experience menu and select Share Experience from the dropdown, or click the arrow at the bottom left corner of the left-side menu within the Experience itself and navigate to the sharing tab.

image of drop down on experience

You may invite other creators to make a copy of your Experience by enabling the shareable link, or by sending an email invite.

Inviting someone to copy your Experience

On the sharing tab, you may create a copying invite link by clicking Enable Sharable Link. Once enabled, you will see an additional dropdown where you can select if anyone with the link can make a copy, or if they can only do so after their request to copy is approved by a current co-manager.

Alternatively, you may enter the email address of the creators you wish to invite to make a copy of your Experience to send them an email invite. The email on the account that is copying the Experience must match the one the invite was sent to in order to have access to the copy invite.

image of copying pop up window

How to add a shared Experience to your account

The recipient of the shareable link will be taken to the copy invite page and may click the Make a Copy button to copy the Experience to their account. If the recipient is not signed into a Goosechase creator account, the copy invite page will first prompt them to log in, or create a new creator account.

image of make a copy page

Any active copy approval requests will show up in the share tab for all current co-managers, as well as in Pending Request from the dropdown menu when a current co-manager clicks their username at the top right corner of the Experience Manager.

Please see How to invite another creator to co-manage an Experience for details about co-managing an Experience with a collaborator on your team.

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