What is a Mission Status?

A Missions' status determines when your participants will be able to see and complete the Mission. Your Missions can be in one of three different statuses:

Available: Participants can see the Mission and complete it.

Hidden: Participants will not be able to see or complete the Mission.

Expired: Participants can see the Mission but will not be able to complete it.

By default, missions are automatically set to Available when created. Organizers can adjust the status of a mission at any time before, during, or after a game.

An image of a photo mission with the mission state drop-down opened and the Available option highlighted

Using the Game Script, you can create triggers that automatically change the status of your mission (we call these automations). For more detailed instructions on how to use the Game Script to set up an automation, click here.

You can also change the status manually from the advanced settings within the mission:

Gif image highlighting how to change mission status

How can I use Mission statuses in my Game?

Here are examples of how you can use automations to change the status of your Missions and create a more dynamic game:

Hidden → Available
Release the Mission after the game has been live for a period of time and have that Mission be available until the end of the game.

An image of the Add Automation page, with 'Set mission status to available highlighted

Example: You have a game that spans over multiple days. You have created Missions for each day, but you do not want participants to see all the missions on Day 1. Using automations, you can set your Missions to release each day:

Day 1 Missions: Any missions you would like visible at the start of the game can be left as Available (reminder: this is the default setting for all Missions)

Day 2 Missions: Create an automation to set the next set of Missions to be Available on Day 2; Creating this automation will set your Missions to be hidden from participants until the set release time. (Hidden → Available)

Helpful Honk: If you do not want Missions available for the whole duration of the game, you can create an automation to expire them.

Available ​​→ Expired
Have a Mission available when the game begins but not for the whole duration.

An image of the Add Automation page, with 'Set mission status to Expired highlighted

Participants will be able to see the expiry time on the Mission. Here is an example of how it looks in the app (both before the Mission expires and after):

Mission list in Goosechase App showing expired and expiring missions

Example: You are running a training session and are collecting everyone's lunch preferences by asking them to answer a Text Mission ("Chicken, fish, or veggie meal?"). Have this Mission expire the evening before the training day so you can put everyone's orders in on time.

Hidden → Available →​​ Expired

Have a Mission that is released after the game begins and expires before the game ends. You will need to create two automations for this:

1. One to release the Mission to your participants (Hidden ​​→ Available) and

2. One to expire the Mission, so participants can no longer complete it (Available → Expired)

Example: Encourage your participants to return to your game frequently by creating flash Missions to complete within an allotted period of time.

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