Do you teach multiple sections of the same the class? Are you looking to use GooseChase with one (or more) of your classes? In our experience, creating a GooseChase game for each section of a class produces the best results.

To illustrate how to do this, consider the following example:
Mr. Brian teaches 3 sections of 10th Grade Science. It’s the first day of the semester and he’d like to run a GooseChase game with his students to review the safety equipment of their classroom and key items discussed in the course outline.

Ultimately, Mr. Brian is going to end up with 3 individual games (1 for each section). However, each will have identical missions. To start, he creates a new game from This game will act as a “template” that he will use for each of his sections.


After creating the game, he adds the missions that students will complete.


With his mission’s added, Mr. Brian creates a game for each section of his science class.
To create a game for each section, he visits the “My Games” page and chooses to duplicate his “Template” game as shown in the screenshot below:


As Mr. Brian has 3 sections, he duplicates his “Template” game 3 times. Once duplicated, he edits the name and description of each game to include the period number. He’ll instruct students from each section to join the appropriate game based on the period they’re in.


Mr. Brian now has 3 games, each of which has the same base set of missions, but can now be edited and run independently. By adopting this approach, Mr. Brian is able to monitor the results separately, have unique start/stop times for each game (based on when the period’s actually start and stop), and keep the game competitive for students (by allowing students to only view leaderboard data of that section’s teams!).

To get started using GooseChase and/or duplicating your existing games, head over to

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