By default, participants are able to upload photo/video Mission submissions with footage captured live with the Goosechase app, or with footage from their phone’s camera roll.

Optionally, creators can set photo/video Missions to allow submissions to be captured live within the app only and not allow uploads from the camera roll.

To change the submission sources setting, select the advanced settings drop-down menu within the Mission and change submission sources to live capture only.

image of a Mission with the caption options highlighted

Because all Missions are unique, you are able to set the submission sources setting for each and every Mission. If you do want all of your Missions to have the same submission sources setting, that's easy too.

To accept both live capture and library, you don't need to make any changes, that is the default setting. If you want all Missions to accept live capture only, go ahead and make that change on each Mission.

So how does this look for participants?

When a participant goes to complete a Mission, they will click the blue 'Do this Mission! button"

image of a Mission in the app

Which will then open the in-app camera where they can choose to take the picture within the app, or upload one from their device:

image of the capture screen in the app

If you set the Mission to live capture only the upload from device icon in the lower left-hand corner will not show to participants for that Mission, and they will only have the option of taking the picture live within the Goosechase app at that time.

When should I set my Mission to have live capture only?

This is a great option for any Experience that requires participants to be in the moment and take photos/videos of things they need to find. For example:

“Take a photo of 3 red cars parked beside each other”

If there are concerns of cheating, this is a great option to ensure everyone is starting on a level playing field

When should I set my Mission to have live capture and library?

By leaving this as the default setting, you can allow participants to upload photos taken before the Experience, for example:

"Share your favorite photo memory from the last year”

This is a great way to allow participants to share special moments with each other… or to just show off some goofy camera roll photos and let loose!

As well, if any of your participants were limited in playing due to not having access to data/wifi while outside, they can take the photos/videos and upload them to the Goosechase app at a later time.

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