As a Goosechase game organizer, you have the option of adding a splash screen image to your game. If you do so, it will be displayed for five seconds the first time a player joins your game.

The splash screen is a great way to include logo or branding and welcome players to your game, or to ensure that your event sponsors’ brands are seen by your players.

To add a splash screen photo:

  1. Accessing the “Branding” tab for your game from within the Game Manager.

  2. Click Upload Image under the Splash Screen Photo section, and upload an image of yor choice. We recommend images with an aspect ratio of 2:3 (e.g. 640px x 960px) and a file format of .png, .jpg or .bmp.

  3. Click Save

Image from the Branding Tab of the Splash Screen option. On the left is the preview of the splash screen image, in the middle the button to upload an image, and to the right of that the option to preview the splash screen in a mock-phone setting.

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