Whether you are stretched for time, looking for a base game to build on, or just in need of a tiny bit of inspiration, we’ve got you covered! We offer pre-made games and Missions for a variety of game types and occasions on our Blog and in the EDU Game Library that you can copy into your account! You can save time by using the Missions exactly as they are, or you can edit the Mission to better fit your event.

How to copy them to your account

To copy a game to your account, first, make sure you are logged into your GooseChase account. If you don’t have an account, you can create one here!

Once logged in, click on the game you wish to copy and select the blue ‘MAKE A COPY’ button as shown below. It will be in the upper left-hand corner of your page:

An image of the Make a Copy button from the Game Library

After you’ve clicked ‘MAKE A COPY’, the game will begin to import into your account, and you will receive this confirmation screen once the game has been fully copied:

An image of the confirmation screen that says

Where can I find the Missions once I have copied the Game to my account?

Now that the game is added to your account, you can make changes and edit the game to make it your own, or you can use the Missions in a different game by accessing the Mission in your My Previous Missions library. For more detailed instructions, click here.

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