Choosing how your participants see the Missions in the app can have a big impact on your Experience style! The Mission order is a way to guide your participants to complete your Missions in a way that will help them get the most out of your Experience.

How Do I re-order my Missions?

To reorder your Missions, use the Mission Order drop-down menu on the far right-hand side of the Missions tab.

image of Mission order drop down menu

Choose between one of the following options:

1. Point Value

2. Alphabetical

3. Random, or

4. Custom (Drag/Drop)

Point Value

Missions will be displayed in order of point value from lowest to highest (ex. 100, 200, 300, etc.). You may choose to order your Missions this way if you want your participants to be strategic with which Missions they choose to complete in the allotted time.

Example: Assign more points to missions that are more difficult to complete. Participants will have to decide to risk it for the big points or focus on completing easier but lower point Missions and hope they can do enough to take home the prize. Having the Missions sorted by point value allows your participants to be strategic in their choices.


Missions will be displayed in alphabetical order from A-Z. This is a good option if you are naming your Missions similarly and want them to appear in order of each other in the list.

Example: Your Goosechase involves participants running around campus. Categorize Missions by adding the location to the Mission name - for example, Gym #1, Gym #2, Cafeteria #1, Cafeteria #2. Once alphabetized, the Missions named similarly will be organized together and help route your experience.


Missions will be displayed in a different order for each participant. If playing in teams, Missions will appear in a different order for each team, but the same order for each participant within a team. This is a great option if you are looking to have your participants spread out across a variety of locations and the Mission order does not affect your Experience.

Example: You have organized a Experience that had 10 different stations, and each station has a Mission. Participants need to complete each Mission, however, the order in which they complete the Missions does not matter. By ordering your Missions randomly, teams will be spread out and not grouped at one station.

Custom (Drag/Drop)

Missions will be displayed in an order of your choosing! You can decide the exact order of how you would like the Missions to appear to participants within the app. To set your custom order, hover your mouse over a Mission you'd like to reorder to reveal the drag icon, as shown below (8 dots on the left-hand side of the Mission):

image of Mission with drag and drop dots

Click and hold the dots to drag and drop each Mission into your preferred order. You may choose this option if you were looking to have participants complete your Missions in a specific order.

gif of dragging Missions

Example: You are creating a walk-through of a museum and want participants to complete the Missions in order of the displays they will be seeing. By customizing the order of your Missions, you can instruct your participants to complete the list of Missions top to bottom so that they coordinate with the guided tour.

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