Add your Mission

To create a Text Mission, first, navigate to the Missions tab in the Experience Manager, click the drop-down arrow on the blue add a Mission button, and select Text Mission.

image of the add a Mission to list button with text Mission highlighted

Add your Mission details

Next, add your Mission Name, Point Value and Mission Description. These are required fields, and they will be displayed to your participants.

Choose the type of Answer for your Text Mission

You can have two types of Text Mission answers:

1. An open-ended answer or

2. An accepted answer

An open-ended answer means any answer will be accepted and awarded points. These are great for questions like Tell us a fun fact about yourself or Which company value speaks to you, and why?. To set up an open-ended answer, leave the accepted answer field blank.

Answers to Text Missions are hidden in the feed by default. If you would like to have participants view each other's answers, you will need to change the visibility setting to ‘Shown in Feed’ in the advanced settings. Click here [link the advanced settings FAQ] to learn more about advanced settings.

An accepted answer requires an answer that is chosen ahead of time, and the participant will only receive points for the Mission if they enter the correct pre-set answer. Accepted answer questions are great for trivia-style questions like What is a baby goose called? or Who is the owner of the bakery in town?.

Setting your accepted answer is simple! Within the Text Mission, you will see an Accepted Answers field as shown below:

image of accepted answers field blank

You can add as many answers as you would like! The participant just needs to write one of the answers listed to have their answer accepted as correct.

If your answer has a number in it (like the number 3), we recommend adding both the number (3) and writing out the number in full (three) as answers. When you type your answer and press enter, the answer will turn orange:

image of the accepted answers field with three (written) and 3 (numerical form)

Answers are case-insensitive, so participants can write “three”, “Three”, “THREE” or “ThReE” and all will be accepted as long as they are spelled correctly.

Finishing your Text Mission

After you have your Mission name, description point value, and accepted answer (if needed) you can also attach an optional image or web link to provide more information or hints to your participants about your Mission.

If you are wanting to change the Submission Visibility for this Mission, click here to learn more.

After you have entered your Mission details and adjusted all of your settings, don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ to save your Mission.

Looking to add automations? Click here!

When should I use a Text Mission?

Text Missions are a great option for testing knowledge, deciphering a clue, or creating an opportunity for your participants to share and get to know one another!

Here are a few creative ways we have seen Text Missions used:

- Multiple choice questions: Include the choices (ex. ‘A. Yellow’, ‘B. Red’, ‘C. Green’) in the Mission description, and include the letter and answer - or just the letter - in the accepted answer field. (ex. ‘A. Yellow’, ‘A’, ‘Yellow’).

- Puzzles: Using the ’Attach Image’ feature, include a picture of a word scramble, number puzzle, or some form of decoding puzzle, and include the answer in your accepted answer field.

- Feedback questions: Use a Text Mission to ask for participants’ feedback on the Experience, or their experience with you.

Helpful Honk: Text questions don’t need to be sedentary! Send your participants out to find the answers, instead of just Googling on their phone. For example: “How many fire extinguishers are in the building?”. This will get your participants up and moving while they hunt for the answer!

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