Now that you have created your Experience, you are ready to add Missions! Head over to the Missions tab on the left side of your screen.

Missions are the challenges/tasks that teams or participants complete to earn points.

There are 3 types of Missions:

  1. Photo/video Missions - Participants need to find a specific object or place, or perform a physical or creative task and take a photo or video of it.

  2. Text Missions - Participants need to enter a text or number based answer to a question you've asked.

  3. GPS Missions - Participants need to physically get to a specified location, communicated through the Mission description or based on a given clue, in order to submit their coordinates.

image of Mission tab

There are 3 tabs at the top of the Missions screen:

  1. Mission List - the list of Missions that participants will complete in this Experience.

  2. Pre-made Missions - an easy way to add pre-created Missions to your Experience. Choose between Goosechase's pre-made list, or your own personal Mission bank. Hover over a pre-made Mission to add it to your Mission List.

  3. Previous Missions - a list of all custom Missions you have created in the past, organized by previous Experience.

Adding your own Missions

You can add your own Missions by clicking on the blue add a Mission button. Click the drop-down arrow to change the Mission type.

image of add a Mission drop down

Mission Fields

Choose a Mission Name, Point Value, and add a Mission Description. These are required fields and they will be displayed to your participants. You can attach an optional image or web link to provide more information or hints to participants about your Mission.

For text-based Missions, you have the option of adding one or more accepted answers. While for GPS-based Mission, you will be prompted to set a physical location from a searchable map. If your participants enter an incorrect answer, they will be prompted to try again.

Advanced Settings

Under advanced settings you can choose whether to show or hide participant's submissions in the activity feed as outlined in detail in this FAQ article. Choosing hidden in feed means that participants will not be able to see each other's submissions for that Mission. The creator will be able to see all submissions in the online Experience Manager.

If you are creating a Photo/Video Mission, you have the option of allowing only photo or only video uploads. Both are accepted by default. Additionally, you may adjust whether that Mission allows participants to upload submissions from their library (camera roll), or only with live capture from the Goosechase app.

You also have the option of adding Missions to a new or existing automation. Follow the link to learn more about how to set up automations using the script.

When you're ready, click the blue save changes button to save your new Mission. It will appear in your Mission List. You can add Missions at any time before or during your Experience.

If you need additional help coming up with ideas for Missions, take a look at some of our blog posts or our EDU Experience Library. You can use these Missions as creative inspiration, or add them to your Experience as is by following the links on the posts.

Reordering Missions

To reorder your Missions, use the Mission Order drop-down menu to choose between Point Value, Alphabetical, Random, or Custom (Drag/Drop).

image of Mission order drop down

If Random Mission Order is chosen, Missions will show up in the app in a different random order for each participant. If playing on Teams Mode, Missions will show up in the app in a different random order for each team, but the same random order for each participant within a team.

If Custom (Drag/Drop) sort order is chosen, hover your mouse over a Mission you'd like to reorder to reveal the drag icon (8 dots). Hold your mouse to drag and drop each Mission into your preferred order.

Editing Missions

You can edit a Mission in your Mission list (change the Mission name, point value, etc.) by hovering your mouse over the Mission and clicking the edit button.

Deleting Missions

You can also delete Missions from your Mission list. Please note that if you delete a Mission, all participant's submissions associated with that Mission will also be deleted, all associated points un-awarded. This cannot be undone.

Once you've created your Mission list, you can manage your teams & participants!

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