To manage the participants in your game, head over to the Participants tab in the game manager!


Teams vs Individual Players

When setting up your game, you have the option to select Teams or Individual Players Mode.

Teams: Playing in Teams Mode is a great option for encouraging teamwork and creating a bit of friendly competition! In Teams Mode, multiple mobile devices can join the game together under one team profile. All players on a team work together to complete the same mission list. When a player completes a mission, that mission is marked complete for their whole team. Since only one player from each team can complete any individual mission, all teams have a fair chance to win - even if they contain a different numbers of players.

While there isn't a limit on the number of users that can join a team, we usually recommend teams of 3 - 5 players, to keep all players engaged during the entire game. The Activity Feed and Leaderboard will display submissions and rankings for each team, which means there is no way to view individual player effort using Teams Mode

Individual Players: Playing as Individual Players is great if you want to see each player’s unique submissions. When playing as individuals, each person is able to submit their own submission for all of the missions in the game. This allows each participant to be able to earn their own points and show their work. Individuals will all play with their own usernames and profile photos which will be displayed in the Activity Feed and Leaderboard.

Individual Mode can still be used for team games, as long as all team members will be together during the whole game and will only be submitting mission submissions from one mobile device.

Setting Up a Team Mode Game

Creating Teams

You have the option to either allow participants to create their own teams, or you can create them in advance. By default, games are set to allow participants to create their own teams. In this case, players will be prompted to enter a team name, and an optional photo and access code when they enter the game.

However, in some cases, pre-creating teams before your game is a great way to make it quicker for players to join your game. This allows participants to simply select their team. You can pre-create teams by clicking on the blue "Create New" button. In team mode, you will then add a team name and optional team photo and access code.

If you choose to pre-create the teams, and don’t want players to be able to create their own teams, uncheck the "Allow participants to create their own teams" option at the bottom of the Participants tab.


Access Codes

An access code is like a password for a team. This ensures that players are only able to join team they are supposed to be a part of. As a game organizer, you may want to add team access codes to control which players join specific teams. You will need to send participants their team access code before they can join their team. For more information on access codes and how they can secure your game click here.

Editing Teams

If you’ve pre-created teams, you have the option to edit them at any point throughout your game. Just like in the Missions tab, hover your mouse over the team you’d like to edit, and select the “Edit” button that appears. From there, you’ll have the option to change the name, picture, or access code associated with that team.

However, if you let participants create their own teams, you won’t have the option to edit any of the information associated with those teams. Only the participants on that team will be able to edit the team details through the mobile app.

Setting Up an Individual Player Mode Game

Creating Player Profiles

Similar to the set up for teams, in individual player mode you have the option to either allow participants to create their own player profiles, or you can create them in advance. By default, players will be prompted to create their own player profiles when joining the game. You can control this with the "Allow participants to create their own player profiles" checkbox. If you prefer to create player profiles in advance, click the "Create New" button and enter the name of the participant and an optional profile photo and access code.


You can add an optional access code, which participants will need to receive from you in order to join their player profile. For more information on access codes and how they can secure your game click here. You'll be able to edit player profiles that you have created by hovering over the profile and clicking "Edit". You will not be able to edit player profiles created by the participants.

Joining the Game

Your participants will join your game by downloading the GooseChase mobile app from the App Store/Play Store to their iOS or Android device. They can follow the steps in this guide if they need additional help.

Once they open the app, they will be prompted to either create a GooseChase account or to continue playing as a guest. Then, they will use the magnifying glass icon to search for your game by name or join code. From there, they will be prompted to create their team or profile, or join one that you've pre-created, depending on how you set up your game!

Inviting Participants (Optional)

To help get your players into the game you can click on the blue "Send Invites" button to email instructions to your participants. Add as many email addresses as you like, separated by commas (they will turn orange when activated). The invite email will include download instructions, your game name and your contact info. They will not include access codes which will need to be sent out separately. This is an optional step, but can be helpful for participants.


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