In order for a participant to join your Experience, they will need to follow these steps:

  1. To start, have your participants download the Goosechase iOS or Android app to their mobile device. For information regarding desktop, participation click here.

  2. Next, participants will need to either create an account or play as a guest. For more details about participating in a Goosechase Experience without an account (play as guest) please click here.

  3. Once they have created an account (or joined as a guest), they will need to search for your Experience. You will need to provide them with either the Name of the Experience or the join code so that they can locate your event within the app.

    We have downloadable and editable step-by-step instructions for joining available here if you need them!

  4. After they locate your Experience, depending on how you have your event set up, they will either create a team, join an existing team or create an individual profile.

    If you have an Experience password they will need to enter it to create their team/profile. Otherwise, if they are joining an existing team they will need the team passcode (if the passcode was enabled).

    For more information on Team Mode vs Solo, click here.

  5. Participants will then be taken to the Mission List screen to complete Missions. If your Experience has not yet started they will not see any Missions until the event goes LIVE. There will be a small message letting them know that the event hasn't started yet!

    If you have thoughts, suggestions, and/or feedback, we'd love to hear it - please complete this quick feedback survey.

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