As the Owner or Admin of your Organization’s subscription, you can invite members to join either through email or via the join link.

If you are using the join link, you can either choose to manually approve the requests by following these instructions or you can enable domain matching to auto-approve any member that has the join link and has a matching email domain to your organization.

To invite a member to your organization:

  1. Click on your username in the upper right-hand corner of the Experience Manager and select the Organization page in the drop-down menu.

    Image of the drop-down menu with the Organization page highlighted
  2. On the organization info page, select the blue ‘Invite Member’ button

    Image of the Organization page with the Invite member button highlighted
  3. On the Invite members pop-up, select ‘Anyone with this link and matching email domain can join as a member from the drop-down options under Shareable Link.

  4. Enter your email domain into the box below and click enter to save it. You can enter as many domains as you would like.

    Image of the Invite member's pop-up with the matching email domain enabled
  5. Copy the link and send it to everyone in your Organization who would like access to your Goosechase subscription!

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