As the organization owner or admin, you can invite and add members to your Goosechase organization. This will allow your members to create and manage their own Experiences, while benefiting from your organization's license.

To get started, login to your Goosechase account and head over to the Organization Info page.

Sending Invitations

Select the blue "Invite Member" button to invite your members. There are two options:

Option 1: Inviting Members Via Email

You can enter individual email addresses to send automatic email invitations for your organization. Recipients will be prompted to create a free Goosechase account, or login to an existing account (if they already have one). Provided the Goosechase account uses the same email address you invited, the recipient will be prompted to join your organization.

If the Goosechase account the recipient uses is registered with a different email address, the recipient will be prompted to "Request Access" to your organization (see Approving Members below).

Option 2: Distribute your Organization's Unique Join Link

Anyone can request to join your organization by accessing your organization's unique join link. We have a customizable template here, which you can edit and send out to your members with your unique link.

Approving Members

All organization members will need to be individually approved to join your organization by an admin or the owner, unless:

  • The member was invited directly via email (see option 1 above).

  • At least one Member Email Domain has been added and Auto Join is enabled in your organization settings (see Member Email Domains below).

To view and approve pending requests, visit your Organization Info page and look for the Awaiting Approval tab. If the tab isn't visible, you have no pending requests!

Member Email Domains

By adding a member email domain(s) to your organization and enabling auto join, you allow members with specific email addresses to automatically join your organization (without needing approval).

To manage member email domain(s) and enable/disable auto-join, click the Edit Organization Details link on your Organization Info page.

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