What are Script automations?

Script automation is an Experience Manager feature that allows creators to schedule events to take place automatically. You can use Script automations to change the visibility and availability of Missions by updating their mission states or scheduling pre-written messages to be sent to all participants at a certain time.

Script automations can currently trigger one of the following events:

Where can I add an automation from?

Creating a new automation using Script can be done in one of two ways:

  • From the button at the top of the page of the Script tab in the Experience Manager. If you are creating an automation this way in order to alter the Mission state, you need to already have the Missions you wish to alter added to your Mission list.

gif of adding an automation
  • From the advanced settings menu of each mission added to your Mission list. You can use this method to include Missions into new or existing automations.

Creating a New Automation

Whether you add the automation from the Script tab or from an individual Mission in the Mission List, the add automation window will appear for you to fill in the details.

image of automation pop up

Automation Name

  • We suggest naming your automation in a way that reminds you of what and when events are triggered. For example: Day 2 Mission Releases, or Welcome Message. This automation name is only visible to the organizer.

What Do You Want to Happen?

  • Select the event you would like to trigger with this automation. Only one type of event can be carried out with each automation. You can create multiple automations in order to trigger different types of events, such as scheduling Missions and a welcome message to be released at the same time. This would be two different automations scheduled for the same time.

Set Mission Status automation

  • Select the mission or missions that you would like included in this automation. Hover over the Mission you would like and select 'Add' on the right-hand side of the Mission.

    If you clicked the add automation from the advanced settings section of an individual mission, that Mission will automatically be included.

  • While the Experience is live, a notification will be sent to participants informing them of Missions changing status (either changing to available or changing to expired).

    If multiple Missions are automated to change status at the same time they will be bundled into one notification, so no need to worry about your participants being bombarded by notifications. Automate to your heart’s content!

    After you set the overview tab, click next to go to the When It Happens tab. Here, you can set when this automation will trigger.

Send a message to all participant's automation

  • Enter the message that you would like to send to all participants. A notification will be sent to participants for each message.

  • Messages will be sent to participants even if the Experience is not live, as long as they have joined the Experience and still have the Goosechase app installed on their device.

After you set the overview tab, click next to go to the When It Happens tab. Here, you can set when this automation will trigger.

Relative Time

  • Use this option to select a time relative to the start or end time of the Experience. Examples of relative time automations include:

    • 5 minutes after your Experience starts

    • 2 days after your Experience starts

    • 1 hour before your Experience ends

    • 30 seconds before your Experience ends

Exact Time

  • Use this option to select a specific time that the automation will trigger. The time zone will correspond to the creator's device's time zone location.

  • A warning will notify you if mission status automations are set to trigger outside of the Experience start and end time.

Make sure to click the add automation button in order to finalize the automation. Settings will not be saved if you close the add automation window without doing so.

Editing or Adding Missions to An Existing Automation

From the Script tab, you can select created automations from the timeline in order to add or remove missions, change any other settings, or delete the automation altogether. Hover over the automation you would like to change and select edit on the right-hand side.

If you access add automation from the advanced settings of a specific Mission, you may choose to add the Mission to an existing automation. You will be prompted with a list of existing automations that the Mission can be added to. Select one and click add to automation in order to do so.

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