Scheduled Start and End time is when you set a date and time for your Experience to begin and end. The Experience will automatically begin at the set date and time, and will end on the set date and time without you (the creator) needing to lift a finger!

To set a start and end time, head over to the Start & End tab in the Experience Manager and select Schedule under the heading “When does your experience go live?”.

image of the start and end tab in schedule mode

Under start time, select the date and time you would like your Experience to begin. You can type a specific time into the Time Field if you do not see the time you need in the drop-down menu.

Helpful Honk: Once you have selected your date and time, don’t forget to press the blue ‘Set’ button at the bottom of the calendar to save your start time.

image of the drop down calendar when choosing a start time

Repeat the same steps for the end time!

Once you have set your start and end time, you will see your Experience appear under ‘Current Experiences’ as scheduled. Your Experience will begin and end at the scheduled date and time and you can sit back and watch the fun (or join in yourself!).

image of the start and end tab with a scheduled experience

Want to know how to start your Experience manually instead? Click here!

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