Once you’re done creating your Experience, it’s time to launch your event to your participants! Before you start your Experience or set a scheduled time for it to start, it will be saved in draft mode. Participants are still able to find and join your experience while it is in draft mode, but they won't be able to see or complete any Missions.

To start or schedule a future start time, head over to the start & end tab in the Experience Manager.

an image of the start and end tab in the Experience Manager

Within the start & end tab, there are two different methods of starting your Experience: Manual and Schedule.

Manual Start & End

This option gives you the ability to start or stop your event by manually clicking a button and your Experience will run for the duration that you have set.

As soon as you click start, your event will switch from draft to live, and participants will be able to complete Missions.

  1. Select Manual as your start & end mode.

  2. Type in a duration time or select a time from the drop-down menu (i.e. 30 minutes, 5 hours, etc.).

    An image of the manual start time with a 1.5 hour duration set
  3. Click Start Experience and your Experience will instantly switch to LIVE.

Schedule Start & End

This option gives you the ability to pre-set start & end times for your Experience. At the time and date you’ve entered, your Experience will automatically switch over to LIVE.

  1. Make sure you’ve chosen schedule as your start & end mode.

  2. Enter the date and time for your event to start and the date and time for your event to end.

    an image of the scheduler calendar on the start and end tab

  3. Press the blue set button to save your selection.

  4. Your Experience will be listed as scheduled until the time you’ve entered for it to start. A scheduled event can similarly be joined by participants in the meantime, but will not display Missions until the set start time.

The Experience will operate in accordance with the time zone you are in when you enter your start & end times

i.e. if you're located in the Eastern Time Zone and you set the start time for 4 pm, it will start at 4 pm for anyone in Eastern Time, but it would start at 1 pm for someone in Pacific Time.

Adjusting Start & End Times
It is possible to change the start and end times while the event is live. In manual mode, you can extend the duration in the text box. In schedule mode, you can change the end time.

Before pressing start we recommend going through our tried and tested Getting Ready Checklist to run a successful Experience.

Ending Your Experience

If you’ve set your Experience for manual start & stop, it will automatically switch to ended when your duration time runs out. If you’ve set a scheduled start & end time, your event will automatically switch to ended at the time you specified.

You’re also able to stop your Experience sooner if you wish. Hit the red stop button, and your Experience will instantly switch to ended.

If you need to start your Experience again, hit the blue reset to draft button. You will not lose any details or submissions and you can then later set the Experience back to LIVE mode.

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