Once your game is up and running, participants will begin to upload Submissions; Submissions are photo, video, GPS check-in, or text responses that players send in to complete missions.

All of the submissions can be seen in the Activity Feed tab of the online game manager. All photo and video submissions, and all correct text and GPS check-in submissions are automatically approved and posted to the Activity Feed when they are submitted. As participants enter submissions, they’ll earn points!

The Leaderboard tab shows how many points each participant/team has earned so far, with the player in the lead listed at the top!

Within the GooseChase mobile app, there is also an Activity Feed and Leaderboard, where participants can see current rankings and submissions from other participants.

You can also view detailed stats about the game in the Game Manager Dashboard.

Features of the Activity Feed


Monitoring Submissions: The Activity Feed gives you the option to look through submissions as they come in, with the most recent submissions towards the top of the page.

Adding or Subtracting Points from a Submission: This feature gives you the ability to add bonus points to an excellent submission, or to take away points from a submission that didn’t quite capture what the mission was about. To do so, follow these steps.

Deleting a Submission: If a submission just isn’t what you were looking for, you have the option to delete it. When you delete a submission, it disappears from the game and the points are automatically removed from the team. The team that submitted it will have the opportunity to try again and submit another answer for the mission. To delete a submission, follow these steps.

Adding a Hashtag: This gives you the option to create a custom hashtag for your game, which will be included if participants choose to share their submissions to social media. Just enter the hashtag you’d like into the Add a Hashtag bar on the right side of the Activity Feed tab.

Features of the Leaderboard


Viewing Rankings: Within the leaderboard, you’ll be able to see how many points each team has and which teams are in the lead. The leaderboard is great for creating some fun competition between teams!

Sending Messages to Participants: Within the Leaderboard, you have the option to send messages to participants if you wish! You can either send a general message to all the participants in your game, or you can send a more specific message to just one team. To send a message, follow these steps.

Manually Adjusting Scores: This feature gives you the ability to give bonuses to or deduct points from teams within your game. These points are added to the team's points total, but are not associated with any submissions.

Removing a Team: If there’s a team in your game that shouldn’t be there or isn’t acting in a way that’s appropriate for your game, you have the option to remove that team or player.

  1. Select the team or participant that you wish to remove from your game. This can be done under the “Remove a Team” heading on the right side of the Leaderboard tab.

  2. Select the red Remove Team button to permanently erase that team/player and their submissions from your game. This cannot be undone. Once a player has been removed from a game their submissions and score are deleted from the game.

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