As the Goosechase creator, if there’s a team in your Experience that shouldn’t be there or isn’t acting in a way that’s appropriate for your Experience, you have the option to remove that team or participant.

  1. Go to the Leaderboard tab.

  2. Navigate to the ‘Remove Team’ box on the right-hand side of the leaderboard tab.

  3. Select the team or participant that you wish to remove from your Experience in the “Remove a Team” drop down.

  4. Select the blue ‘Remove’ button to permanently erase that team/participant and their submissions from your Experience. This cannot be undone! Once a participant has been removed, their submissions and score are deleted from the Experience.

  5. Confirm you would like to remove that team by clicking the red ‘Remove team’ button.

image of the remove a team confirmation pop-up
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