When all participants complete every Mission, they will end up with the same number of points and appear as a tie on the leaderboard. If you run into this situation and need to break up the tie, here are a few creative workarounds we have seen which have been quite successful!

Even more Missions

To limit the likelihood of a tie, we recommend having more Missions than teams can complete throughout the duration of the Experience. For more information regarding how many Missions you may need, click here.

Let your participants strategize

Having Missions with varying points and difficulties allows teams to strategize on which Missions they are going to complete. Give the harder Missions (or the Missions that will take the most time) the largest point value. This is a great way to get teams working together to figure out which Missions to complete in the time allotted to earn the most points. They’ll need to compromise and build plans together.

Bonus points

If you want participants to complete every Mission, you can also reduce the chance of a tie by awarding bonus points! This is a very popular way of breaking up the scores and is a great way to encourage your participants to give it their all! We’ve seen creators award bonus points to the most creative submission, the best team work, the funniest photo or the most likes to name a few examples.

Flash Missions

In the event that teams are tied for first place towards the end of your Experience, you could determine the winner by releasing a surprise mission to be completed by the 2 teams that are tied! This is a fun way to drive a lot of excitement and engagement towards the end of the Experience.

Flash Missions can also be fun to add mid-Experience to drive engagement at a specific time. Release a Mission for a short period of time; 15 minutes for a short experience, or an hour if it is a longer experience. Some participants will be able to complete the Mission and others will not. This will help break up the scores.

If you are going to do mid-Experience flash Missions, it’s best to release each one at a different time of day to give all participants a chance to complete one depending on their schedule.

First to the finish

Choose the winners based on who finished first, instead of point totals. You can use the leaderboard report on the dashboard tab to see who finished first. This will show you the time stamp of each team’s last submission. Having a time-based finish can create very high energy Experiences but may be difficult for experiences that run over a longer period of time.

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