As the creator of the Experience, you can manually adjust the scores on the leaderboard tab in the Experience Manager.

You can choose to either add or deduct points that will immediately be reflected on the team or participants’ total score, but are not associated with any specific submissions.

To do so, click on the down arrow in the ‘Adjust Scores’ box and select the person or team you would like to adjust the scores for. To add points, type in the amount (with a + symbol or without, ex. +500 or 500) to remove points, add in a - symbol before the points value (ex. -500)

Image of the team bonus history with points added and removed

You can add in a reason for the addition or removal of points if you would like (this is optional!) which the participant will see in their notifications tab.

Once you have added all those details, click ‘Adjust scores’ to have their points immediately updated on the leaderboard tab.

Viewing bonus point history

If you are looking to view the bonus history of a team or person, select them in the “Adjust scores” drop down menu and click ‘Bonus history’ in the lower right-hand corner.

This will show any manually adjusted scores for that participant or team, the reason for the bonus and the time stamp it was awarded. It will not include any bonus points added to submissions.

image of the team bonus history with the reasons for adding points or removing points

You can also select the gear icon on the right-hand side of the bonus to edit or delete any bonus.

image of the gear icon menu options (edit and delete)
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