Your game will remain in DRAFT until you click 'Start Experience' using the manual settings or schedule a start time using the schedule setting.

To start your Experience, head over to the start & end tab in the Experience Manager

An image of the start and end tab in the Experience Manager

Manual mode: Select, or type a duration into the 'Set a Duration' field. Once you are ready to start your game select 'Start Experience' to set your event live to launch it to your participants. For more detailed instructions click here.

Schedule: Choose a start date and time for your event to begin and end. You can type in a custom type or choose a time from the drop-down menu. Don't forget to click the blue 'Set' button to lock in your date and time. If you cannot see the 'Set' button, scroll down or zoom out on your browser. For more detailed instructions click here.

Image of the calendar when setting a scheduled time for the Experience to start

If you're using scheduled start & end times, your Experience will automatically switch from draft to live at the date and time you've entered.

Once your Experience begins, it is open for participants to begin completing Missions. Participants will not have access to any Missions while it is in draft mode or scheduled

Run through our Getting Ready Checklist here to make sure you have everything you need to run a successful Experience.

Full details on launching an Experience to your participants can be found here.

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