In the Submissions tab, you can view all of the submissions in your game.

Sorting Submissions

You can sort the submissions using the drop-down box in the upper left-hand corner.

image of the drop down options to sort submissions.

You can group them by:

Group by Missions: submissions will be grouped by Mission. This is helpful for keeping track of a few specific missions or comparing the submissions within a specific mission for bonus points.

Group by Teams (Points): submissions will be listed by teams, and teams with the highest scores are listed first. This is useful if you want to keep an eye on the top few teams.

Group by Teams (Alphabetical): submissions will be sorted by teams, and sorted alphabetically A-Z. This makes it easier to find specific teams and their submissions within the Submissions tab.

Submissions options

Clicking on a submission allows you to add/remove bonus points to individual submissions or delete them. Choose a submission, then click on the gear icon for additional options. Click here for step-by-step instructions for adding/removing points and deleting submissions.

image of submission with drop down menu open

Downloading submissions

You can download all of the submissions in your game by using the blue Download button in the upper right-hand corner. This will download your submissions into a zip file.

image of download button

You can also click the three dots next to the team name belonging to any individual submission while browsing them through the activity feed or submissions tab and clicking Save Photo/Video to download individual submissions.

Click here for more information about downloading submissions.

For team bonding or public engagement events, we recommend organizers put together a highlights video of some of the most entertaining and elaborate submissions as part of a game debrief. Our Event Planning Guide has some ideas for how to end your hunt with an exciting wrap-up ceremony!

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