Looking to share Goosechase with your colleagues through a conference workshop or professional development session? We have some resources to help!

Create a duplicate of our template Experience containing a mix of team building and educational Missions. Feel free to make updates and make it your own!
Template: https://goosechase.link/EDU-sample-game

Sample slide deck
Create a copy of this deck and make changes based on your audience. Generally, we suggest including a quick overview of what Goosechase is, time for attendees to participate in an Experience, a demo of the Experience Manager, and a discussion on how they could use Goosechase in their classrooms/schools.

Getting started goosechase EDU resources
Do you think your session attendees may appreciate a Getting Started Guide or Quick Start Checklist for when they use Goosechase on their own? Get copies of both these resources to help your attendees be more successful.

EDU Getting Started Resources: https://goosechase.link/EDUGetStarted

Complimentary upgraded license
Are you presenting Goosechase at a conference and need more than 5 teams? If you don't already have an Educator Plus or Premium Subscription, and require more teams for your workshop/session, please contact us for a complimentary license by emailing edu@goosechase.com.

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