The Goosechase EDU Getting Started Package contains a few downloadable and printable resources for first-time K-12 Goosechase Experience creators. Let’s take a look at what's included!

  • EDU Quick Start Checklist In this checklist, you will find a list of each of the steps you should consider when creating and facilitating a Goosechase Experience with corresponding links to help further explain that stage of the process. Use this checklist to double-check your efforts before sending students off to participate.

  • Goosechase EDU Slide Deck Presenting on Goosechase anytime soon to colleagues at PD Day or conferences? Use this slide deck for your presentation to help inform educators about Goosechase Experiences and how they can implement it into their own classrooms.

  • Teacher PDF Guide Are you new to Goosechase? Our Teacher’s Guide to a Successful Goosechase is the perfect resource to get you started. In this document, you will find explanations of each step of the process from how to create an account to wrapping up your Experience.

The EDU Getting Started Package can be accessed here:

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