Goosechase does not have a native Chrome app, but it is possible to run our Android app on most Chromebooks. Please see the following instructions for more information, or pass them on to your IT/technology department:

To check if your Chromebooks will support the Goosechase Android app please click here and search for the make and model of your Chromebooks. If the status is listed as "Stable Channel" you should be able to use Goosechase.

If your Chromebooks already have the Google Play Store app installed, search for the Goosechase Android app and install.

If not, please follow these steps:

  • The Google Play Store needs to be enabled for the device in the Google Admin Console. Instructions can be found for this here.

  • Goosechase needs to be an "approved app" (also done in the Admin Console).

  • Then, install the app on the mobile device. This can happen by the user searching and installing it (if the admin has enabled that option) or the admin can "push"/deploy the app to all the devices (done in the Google Admin console).

For more details on how to approve & deploy Android apps on Chrome devices, please click here.

If you need any assistance installing Goosechase on your Chromebooks, please contact us at for support. We will be happy to work directly with you or with your IT/technology department.

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