If you would like to collect the email addresses of your participants, Goosechase has an email collection feature that will require participants to enter an email address when joining your Experience. This feature must be requested via our support team and must be turned on before your experience begins.

To enable this feature, simply email hi@goosechase.com (or send us a message in the chat) with your account name and Experience name prior to your event beginning!

This feature needs to be requested to our support team on a per-Experience basis.

Alternative ways to collect contact information

  1. Create a Text Mission that asks for contact information, where participants could enter their email addresses or names as a response to the mission.

  2. Send participants a message via the Leaderboard tab, requesting that they email you. That way, you can gather their email addresses direct in your inbox. We’ve seen customers use “We would like to send you a message about how to receive your prize, please email us at (email address) to claim it.”

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