Yes, you can! Submissions can be downloaded from the Game Manager. You can download individual submissions as you come across in the Activity Feed or Submissions tabs, or all at once from the Submissions tab in the Game Manger.

Downloading Individual Submissions

When browsing through individual submissions from the Activity Feed or Submissions tab, you can download individual submissions by clicking on the three dots next to submissions team name and selecting Save Photo/Video.

Image of a submission in the Activity feed with the drop-down options shown. Options shown in order are: Add/edit bonuses, copy link to submission, save photo, and delete submission.

When browsing through missions in the submissions tab, this will work whether you are browsing through submissions grouped by Missions or by Team.


Exporting All Submissions

Near the top of the Submissions Hub, there is a "Download Submissions" button (as shown below). Clicking this button will launch the Submissions Download wizard, which can be used to download all game submissions to your computer as a .zip file. This .zip file will include all photo and video submissions, as well as a spreadsheet for text and GPS missions. Optionally, submissions can be grouped by mission or by team.

Image of the Submissions tab on the Game manager with an arrow pointing in the upper right-hand corner to the Download Submissions button.

Once you've downloaded your submissions, you can make a slideshow using the software program of your choice. Our Scavenger Hunt Event Planning Guide has some ideas for how to end your game with an exciting wrap-up ceremony!

Please Note:

  • The "Download Submissions" button will only be visible once the game has received submissions from at least one participant.

  • Submissions can be downloaded at any point during (and after) the game, but the generated zip files will always include all submissions received up until that point in the game (regardless of when/if submissions were previously downloaded).

You can also download/export detailed stats about your game and participants through the Game Manager Reporting Dashboard.

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