Add your Mission

To create a Photo/Video Mission, first, navigate to the Missions tab in the Game Manager, click the down arrow on the blue ‘ADD MISSION TO LIST’ button, and select Photo/Video Mission.

An image of the drop-down menu on the Add mission button with Photo/Video mission highlighted

Add your Mission details

Next, add your Mission Name, Point Value and Mission Description. These are required fields, and they will be displayed to your participants. In addition, you can attach an optional image or web link to provide more information or hints to your participants about your Mission.

Choose how you would like your participants to complete the Mission

Within a Photo/Video Mission, you have options in the Advanced Settings that let you choose how you would like your participants to complete the Mission. To view these settings, select the ‘ADVANCED SETTINGS’ drop-down within the Mission:

An image of the advanced settings button highlighted and the Accepted Submissions and Submission sources highlighted

Accepted Submissions

Photos, Videos, or Both! This setting allows you to choose the type of submissions participants can submit. Whether that is both Photos & Videos or if they will be limited to submitting only Photos, or only Videos for that Mission.

Submissions Sources

This setting allows you to determine how a participant can capture their submissions.

  • LIVE CAPTURE ONLY: they must take a picture of their submission in the moment within the Goosechase app.

  • LIVE CAPTURE & LIBRARY: they can either capture their submission within the Goosechase app or choose to upload their submission from their device's stored photos.

Photo & Video submission information

Image size: All images will be scaled and cropped to display as 720x720 in the platform, but you can select images of any size from your camera roll.

Video length: Videos can be up to 30 seconds long.

Finish your Photo/Video Mission

You can choose to attach an optional image or web link to provide more information or hints to your participants about your Mission.

A screenshot of the settings below adding a mission description.  On the left there are Attach Image, and attach link options. And on the right there is a drop down for Advanced settings. Below that is a Cancel button and the save changes button in the lower right-hand corner.

If you are wanting to change the Submission Visibility for this Mission, click here to learn more.

After you have entered your Mission details and adjusted all of your settings, don’t forget to click ‘Save Changes’ to save your Mission.

Looking to add automations? Click here!

When should I use a Photo/Video Mission?

Adding Photo/Video Missions is a great way to allow for participants to show off their creativity, and to share the fun they are having with everyone involved through the activity feed.

Here are a few creative ways that we have seen photo/video Missions used:

-Take a photo of your completed onboarding paperwork

-Recreate your company logo with items found around the home

-Reconnect with colleagues or friends by taking a photo while eating lunch together!

-Facilitate introductions of a new team member by having them film a short 30-second video introducing themselves.

Helpful Honk: If you are having participants take a picture of a secret location or an answer to a clue; don’t forget to set your Mission to ‘Hidden in Feed’ so other participants can’t see their submission.

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