What is Hidden/Shown in Feed?

Hidden/Shown in Feed is a setting you can adjust on each Mission within the Advanced Settings to allow participants to see each other's submissions in the activity feed or to hide them from one another.

Hidden in Feed

Setting your Mission to Hidden in Feed will hide participants’ submissions from other participants in the activity feed. If they are on a team, their teammates will be able to see it, but members from other teams will not be able to. As the creator of the game, you will still be able to see all the submissions from the Game Manager.

Here is an example of how it looks for a participant in a game on an opposing team:

An image of a submission in the app from another team. The submitted answer is hidden so the submission says 'Answer Hidden'

You may choose to hide submissions if the submission may give away a clue or answer. As a default setting, all Text Missions are set to be Hidden in Feed for this reason. As well, some creators may want to hide participants’ submissions for privacy reasons, or if some participants may be uncomfortable with their submissions being public within the game.

Shown in Feed

Setting your Mission to Shown in Feed will allow all participants, regardless of which team they are on, to be able to see each other's submissions in the activity feed. ​​

Leaving submissions visible, especially those for Photo/Video Missions is a great way to drive engagement in the Activity Feed. We’ve found that participants feel more connected during the experience when they can see other teams’ submissions and interact with them by liking them!

For instructions on how to change your mission visibility, click here.

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