When a participant downloads and opens the Goosechase app for the first time, they will be presented with options to Continue as guest, Create an account, or Log in.

Playing with an Account

Playing with an account, either by signing up with an email address or with Facebook, allows a participant to tie all their activity to that account. Once an account is created, a participant can even sign in from another device to access all their data.

Playing as Guest

The Continue as guest option allows users to play without the need to create a Goosechase account. When participants select this option, they will be taken directly to the Join an Experience window and prompted to find it by name or join code. This is the fastest way for participants to join and get started.

Note: that after a participant joins their Experience, they will still need to select or create a new team or participant profile, as this is a different step than signing in to the Goosechase App.

When a participant chooses the Continue as guest option, their activity is only saved to their mobile device, and will not be saved to an online account, This activity will be deleted if they uninstall the Goosechase app from their device or reset the app from the settings menu. The team or participant profiles for solo Experiences will still be present, with that participant or team's score, mission submissions, and leaderboard standings still visible to other participants and accessible the Experience Manager.

Re-joining a participant profile or team

If for any reason a participant does need to re-join an Experience they had been participating, such as if they accidentally delete the Goosechase app from their mobile device, or need to switch to another device, they can do so by re-joining the Experience and selecting the same team/participant profile they were using.

If the participant profile is secured with a passcode, they might need to ask for it from the creator. Creators can find this information from the Participants Tab in the Experience Manager.

Creating a New Account with current Guest Account Activity

A participant who utilized the Continue as guest option has the option of later creating a new account, saving all of the activity from their guest account. This is useful if a participant changes their mind and later decides they want to have their progress saved online, or if they decide they want to log in from another mobile device without having to contact the creator for their team/participants profile's passcode.

This can be done by selecting the option in the app's settings menu on the home page. Towards the bottom of the settings screen, they will see an option to create an account and all of their previous content and in-progress submissions will transfer over.

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