What is the difference between a password and a team passcode?

A password is a password that allows you to join the Experience, while a passcode is like a password for joining a specific team.

A password ensures that no one can join your Experience and create their own team.

A passcode ensures that participants are only able to join the pre-made team (whether this was created by the creator or another participant) they are supposed to be a part of. As a creator or a participant, you may want to add team passcodes to control who joins which team.

As the creator, if you pre-created the teams will need to send participants their team passcode before they can join their team. As a participant, if you created your own team and kept the passcode, you will need to give the passcode to your other teammates who you want on your team.

How does this work for my participants?

The exact experience a participant has will vary with each situation as outlined below:

For Experiences in solo mode:

If there is a password, participants will be asked to enter it when joining.

For Experience in team mode:

If there is a password, participants will be asked to enter it when:

  • They are choosing to create a new team.

  • They are attempting to join a team that does not have its own team passcode.

Team passcodes are not required (and can be cleared/removed). When a participant chooses to create a team, a random passcode is auto-filled for the user (this is done to prevent other participants from unintentionally joining the wrong team). Any existing member of a team can view, edit, and clear the team's passcode (by visiting the teams tab).

image of two teams, one with a passcode (2343) and one without (no passcode)

If there is not a password on the Experience:

  • Participants will be able to create new teams.

  • Participants will be able to join existing teams.

If an existing team has a team passcode, the participant will need to enter the team passcode in order to successfully join.

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