As the Experience creator, you have the option to either allow participants to create their own teams and profiles, or you can create them in advance.

By default, participants will be prompted to create their own team or profile when joining the Experience. You can control this with the Allow participants to create their own teams (or profiles) checkbox.

image of the participants tab with the 'allow participants to create their own teams' checkbox unchecked

If you want to create teams or profiles for your participants in advance, ensure the checkbox is unselected and click the create new button above the team's display box.

image of the + Create new button on the participants tab

Enter the team (or participant) name, an optional profile photo and passcode. Click Create to finish creating the team profile. Repeat this process for each pre-created team.

image of the create team pop-up with the name, and passcode filled out

Helpful Honk: You will not be able to edit profiles created by the participants in the app, and participants will not be able to edit profiles created by you (the creator).

For more information on passcodes and how they can better secure your Experience click here.

If needed, you are able to edit the participants' profiles that you have created by hovering over the profile and clicking edit.

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