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Teams mode is a great way to promote collaboration, cooperation and friendly competition among your participants. Using multiple devices, participants will work together to complete Missions and earn points to move their team up the leaderboard. This is especially useful for remote Experience, as multiple participants can join the Experience together under one team profile without needing to be at the same location.

Remember, when playing in a team mode, all team members are working on the same Mission list, therefore once one team member completes a Mission, that Mission is completed for the entire team. The points are tallied for the entire team, and it is not possible to view an individual team member’s points or submissions in team mode.

As a guideline, we suggest keeping teams small with roughly 5 people. Larger teams can be harder to manage and often decrease the quality of the participant experience.

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Solo mode allows you to view each participant's submissions. Participants will earn their own points and show their work. Each participant will have their own individual username and profile photo which is displayed in the activity feed and leaderboard.

It is still possible to play in teams while using solo mode, as long as all participants on each team will be physically staying together during the Experience and submitting their submissions from the same device.

The mode you choose to use can impact the Missions you use, as some Missions will work better with teams than individuals (or vice versa). To specify whether your Experience should support teams or individuals, visit the participants page of the Experience Manager.

For more details about managing participants in your Experience, please see Managing Teams and Participants.

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