As the creator, you can only edit teams that you created in the Experience Manager. If you pre-created the team, you can hover over the team on the Participants tab and select edit on the right-hand side to change the team name, access code or profile picture.

image of a pre-created team in the Experience Manager

If a participant created the team, as the creator you will not be able to edit the team name or profile pictures.

As a participant, if you created your own team, you will be able to edit your team name by navigating to the You tab in the bottom-right corner of the app. From there, select the gear icon in the top-right corner.

Image of the You tab in the app with the gear icon highlighted

You should see a small pencil in the upper right-hand corner, clicking this will allow you to edit your team name. If you do not see a pencil, that means that your Experience creator pre-made the team, and you do not have access to edit the name or photo of your team.

image of the team settings page in the app with the pencil icon highlighted

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