As the creator of a Goosechase Experience, you can choose to hide your Experience in the app by only making it searchable by join code.

You may want to do this if you are not ready for participants to find and join your Experience yet, or if you would like to hide your Experience from being suggested to participants who are searching for Experiences to join in the app.

To do so:

  1. Click on your Experience in the Experience Manager on our website.

  2. Select the gear icon in the bottom left-hand corner, below the join code:

    Image of the bottom of the left-hand navigation with the gear icon highlighted in the bottom left-hand corner
  3. On the settings pop-up, click the middle tab titled ‘Search Visibility’. Here, you can choose to hide or show your Experience in the app when participants search by name. By default, this feature will be set to ‘Show in search results’.

    image of the settings pop-up window on the 'Search Visibility' tab
  4. Click ‘Save’

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