For each individual Mission, creators can set whether submissions are shown or hidden to participants in the activity feed. For more information on the difference between hidden in feed and shown in feed, click here.

Participants are not able to choose which of their submissions are hidden.

As a creator, you can change the submission visibility in the activity feed by following these steps:

  1. Create a new Mission or edit an existing Mission from the Missions tab of your Experience.

  2. Towards the bottom of the mission form, expand the advanced settings button.

  3. Edit the shown in feed dropdown depending on whether you’d like the submission to be shown or hidden from other participants.

    shown in feed button

  4. Save your Mission.

By default, text and GPS Missions are set to hidden in feed when created, while photo/video Missions are set to shown in feed.

If a Mission is set to hidden in feed all submissions for that Mission will be hidden. Participants will be able to see their own submissions, but will not be able to see the submissions of any other participants or team (unless they are on the same team).

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