In team mode, multiple participants and mobile devices can be joined to the same team. Once a participant from a team completes a mission, that mission shows as completed for the whole team. Points will be tallied for the team as whole, and displayed with the team name and team photo on the Leaderboard.

To add teams to your Experience, head over to the Participants tab in the Experience manager and set the mode to "In Teams".

image of the participants tab in the Experience Manager

You'll have the option to either pre-create teams in advance or to allow participants to create their own teams.

While there isn't a limit on the number of users that can join a team, we usually recommend teams of 3 - 5 people, to keep all participants engaged during the entire Experience. The activity feed and leaderboard will display submissions and rankings for each team, which means there is no way to view individual participants effort using Teams Mode.

Full details on managing teams and participants in your Experience can be found here.

Getting ready to invite participants to your Experience? Run through our Getting Ready Checklist here first!

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